Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week One Report

I discovered that the best way to keep the "eat sensibly over Thanksgiving" pledge in mind is never to sit down during the meal.  It felt like I barely ate anything, and when it was time to contemplate seconds, everything was eaten.  The leftovers weren't what I had hoped for--turkey and desserts rather than brussells sprouts and fruit salad--but turkey sandwiches are unlikely to kill me at a young age.

After a long weekend of indulgence, though, I am finding it easier to be restrained. 

As for exercise, fitting in extra really didn't happen, unless we're counting taking a long walk on Friday.  But again, special circumstances--it's rare I have to spend two days in a row on my feet cooking for masses of people (not again until Passover, I shouldn't imagine!), so I'm just thinking of the holiday weekend as an anomaly.  Not the ideal way to start a year of resolutions, really, so week two will have to be the week that gets me off and running (literally?).

That said, all this is happening within a set of restrictions.  Exercise isn't limited, but what I can do is, a bit; because of disc compression, pinched nerves, stenosis, and bone spurs in my neck, I can't do a number of forms of hardcore cardio exercising--no running, no jumping (which I ignore somewhat in zumba, occasionally to my detriment, no punching or kicking, no swimming freestyle (which I also ignore somewhat, but I'm careful)--and certain kinds of weight stuff as well.  And no standing on my head in Yoga, although that's not a tragedy. 

So this week's goal:  get on track.  If last week went reasonably well under the circumstances, I would like this week just to go reasonably well.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tomorrow, I turn 49.  This gives me one year to get it together before I turn 50.  My goals are to be serious about being healthy.  Last year was a "bad health" year; my hope is to reverse that trend.  There are various impediments that won't go away; my hope is to acknowledge those, but to get rid of all the other excuses that get in the way of doing what I know is good for me.  While a lot of this may focuse on physical health, of course, emotional health is involved as well.  If I eat better, I will feel better.  If I clear a lot of the clutter out of my life, hopefully my mind will feel less cluttered.  I am not blogging about this because I feel like anyone particularly cares; it's to keep myself accountable, and to acknowledge the year rather than just letting it slip by. 

Some large aims:
1) Improve my health, particularly getting control of my diet so that I can stop taking my reflux medication.  Also, to try to take on the principles of the anti-inflamatory diet to see if I can help my chronic neck problem at the same time.
2) To increase my fitness.  I am a pretty dedicated exerciser, but I know that I can do more.  The balance is off; right now, I'm either exercising, or I'm sitting down.  Less of the latter, more of the former.
3) To gain more control of my physical space.  I feel like I live in chaos (too much stuff; too disorganized), and I would like to feel less cluttered, physically and mentally (see above).
4) To focus more on my work so that times I'm not working are really free time.
5) To be more conscious of how I spend my time.

Small aims will come each week.  Since this week is both my birthday AND Thanksgiving, the goal is to eat in a reasonable way despite all the celebrations.  Also, to get enough work done that I don't feel rushed and oppressed on Sunday night.