Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Week One Report

I discovered that the best way to keep the "eat sensibly over Thanksgiving" pledge in mind is never to sit down during the meal.  It felt like I barely ate anything, and when it was time to contemplate seconds, everything was eaten.  The leftovers weren't what I had hoped for--turkey and desserts rather than brussells sprouts and fruit salad--but turkey sandwiches are unlikely to kill me at a young age.

After a long weekend of indulgence, though, I am finding it easier to be restrained. 

As for exercise, fitting in extra really didn't happen, unless we're counting taking a long walk on Friday.  But again, special circumstances--it's rare I have to spend two days in a row on my feet cooking for masses of people (not again until Passover, I shouldn't imagine!), so I'm just thinking of the holiday weekend as an anomaly.  Not the ideal way to start a year of resolutions, really, so week two will have to be the week that gets me off and running (literally?).

That said, all this is happening within a set of restrictions.  Exercise isn't limited, but what I can do is, a bit; because of disc compression, pinched nerves, stenosis, and bone spurs in my neck, I can't do a number of forms of hardcore cardio exercising--no running, no jumping (which I ignore somewhat in zumba, occasionally to my detriment, no punching or kicking, no swimming freestyle (which I also ignore somewhat, but I'm careful)--and certain kinds of weight stuff as well.  And no standing on my head in Yoga, although that's not a tragedy. 

So this week's goal:  get on track.  If last week went reasonably well under the circumstances, I would like this week just to go reasonably well.

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